News Comments are essays that comment or analyze an ongoing news event or a developing issue. Given the major news networks tend to over cover certain issues while ignoring others, the essay topic usually is an issue of importance that has been focused less by the general public.

News Comments topics are divided into three categories. Although the majority of essays are either "U.S." or "World", sometimes a commentary on the "News Media" is necessary.

In every essay, incorporation of outside information as well as citations of multiple news outlets, if possible, will support the general analysis and commentary of the essay.

It is the hope that the reader can engage by writing his or her response to the essay, and the open internet can be filled with a diverse, thoughtful commentary by its users. Rich, civil public discourse on the Internet can hopefully overtake and outlive the shallow, click bait articles.



This is my writing depository containing analysis and opinion on current events. Online since 2004, DS NETS continues to strive to contribute to the general online discussion on the ongoing political, societal, and cultural events around the world and at home.

It is my belief that through good writing that not only I can think beyond the headlines and abstract summary of articles but also my writings can open new avenues for further research and discussions.


In order to maximize capability among visitors, this website does not depend on bloated javascript and other code to display the content to the audience. There are no external advertisements, and the website is relatively lightweight for the web browser of all kinds.

The website design was done by scratch (by me), and readability of the content, as well as the aesthetics, was the focus of the design.

Hopefully, the lightweight nature of the website can make the browsing experience more pleasant.