The beautiful images of Pluto sent by the space probe New Horizon demonstrates not only the beauty the space exploration program can provide but also the necessity of continuing the program. With all the never ending craziness from the world’s political, economical, and social spectrum, the image of Pluto provides a momentary peace among many as future generations of scientists can look towards the stars to dream big.

While the images and data sent by the New Horizon are stunningly beautiful, it is more stunning to know that the program almost did not made it to fruition. The combination of NASA internal skepticism, Congressional funding problems, and a potential lack of fuel almost derailed the project (The New York Times 7/19/2015).

NASA’s initial skepticism and the lack of fuel problem are part of the possible problems that can arise from a project of this type. However, the Congressional funding problem shouldn’t have become a serious factor in derailing the program.

The cost of the New Horizon project exceeds $700 million, and there ought to be scrutiny in the decision making process of whether such projects should get funded. However, the decision making process ought to be made in the realm of whether such project would be successful and whether the project services the greater good for mankind.

It is interesting to observe that no one is commenting on the clear picture of Pluto from a political, budgetary point of view. We are all instead in awe of witnessing the beauty of mankind’s continuous endeavor of pushing the limits of scientific progress. This type of scientific progress inspires younger generations to dream big about a world focused on scientific discoveries and not on petty politics.

To keep the dream alive, Congress should not play around with the budgets of scientific studies as part of a politics of chess. Instead, a steady commitment on scientific projects would keep the dreams alive for many generations to come.


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